I wanted to post a little about me so that you can get to know me better. So here’s 10 things;

1.  I love fabric and I dream of some day designing my own line.

2. I grew up in a small town on the coast of  Western Australia.

3. I owned and ran a gift and stationery boutique when we lived in Colorado.

4. One talent I wish I had……the ability to sing. I love to sing and it would be fabulous if I actually sounded good.

5. I love fresh bakery bread and real butter, yummo!! I could eat it all day every day.

6. I didn’t like coffee until I was pregnant with my second child. To be completely honest the smell of coffee made me sick when I was pregnant with my first. Now I must have my Iced Latte each morning!!

7.  My dream house is a white farmhouse on a few acres, with chickens, a veggie garden and a white fence.

8. I’m absolutely terrified of mice. One evening when my husband was away I encountered a mouse in our house, it took me hours to move from the spot I was in. The next morning when my car wouldn’t start I borrowed the neighbors so that we could go adopt a cat.

9. Even though I grew up blocks from the beach, I’m definitely a pool person. I’d much rather relax by a pool than get sandy at the beach.

10. I rarely watch a movie or read a book twice, there is something about knowing what is going to happen that makes it unappealing the second time around.

I hope you enjoyed those random things about me. Thanks for visiting!!

Renee YComment