Designer for a Day

Our Designer for a Day service gives you timely, in person access to a designer without a longer term commitment. In a matter of just a few hours we work through as many rooms as time allows, giving you design advice and guidance on how to improve your space. We start by looking at your interests then via a proven process provide you with specific actionable steps that you can follow-up on as time and finances allow. You will receive professional guidance based on:

  • Your personal design aesthetic
  • The items you currently own
  • A target budget
  • The activities you are hoping to accomplish in the space

Sessions are 4 hours in length. When our time is complete you will have received:

  • “In-person” interaction with a designer
  • Notes documenting what was discussed
  • A simplified Design Concept
  • A high level budget for the items you wish to purchase
  • A procurement list of items specifically designed to enhance the quality of the space we reviewed

If you’d like to learn more about our Designer for a Day process please contact us.